Waterside Landscaping

Superscapes Waterwise Landscaping, Cape Town

Waterwise Landscaping Services Southern & Northern Suburbs


Water shortages and restrictions are now a reality and will be with us for longer than we might like.

This creates the ideal opportunity to remodel your garden and implement permanent water saving areas within an existing garden.

A Waterwise design doesn't have to detract from your garden and can indeed improve it by the clever usage of pebbles, riverstones, bark, indigenous plants and pavers to create beautiful waterwise areas.

Lawns can for instance be replaced by a well designed dry river bed and further enhanced with waterwise plants and decorative garden furniture and features.

Waterside Landscaping

Besides water saving advantages it is more economical to maintain.

At Superscapes we have successfully done waterwise garden conversions with the eventual outcomes being remarkable.

There are many design options available and we will recommend the most suitable one for your garden after evaluating all the terrain aspects.

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